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Explosion-proof grade division of LED explosion proof lights

The division of the explosion proof grade of led explosion proof lights is divided according to the categories used by the explosion-proof lamps, the temperature groups of the explosive gas mixture and the explosion-proof type of the explosion-proof lamps.

LED explosion-proof lights are divided into two categories: I is LED explosion-proof lamps used in coal mines, also known as coal safety explosion-proof lamps, which are the highest explosion-proof grade; II is LED explosion-proof lamps which are used in other places other than mines. According to the maximum test safety clearance (MESG) or the minimum igniting current (MICR), II class LED explosion-proof lamps are divided into three categories of IIA, IIB and IIC.

The above four categories are mainly based on the minimum spark energy that may be detonated under different working conditions. In China and Europe and most of the countries and regions, explosive gases are divided into four dangerous grades, which are specifically distinguished as follows:

Secondly, according to the difference of ignition temperature of explosive gas mixture, the group is divided into six kinds, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and T6. The ignition temperature is expressed in t (c).
T1: 450 C
T2 is: 300 C
T3 is: 200 c
T4 is: 135 C
T5 is: 100 C
T6: 85 C is
Thirdly, for different purposes, the explosion-proof types of LED explosion-proof lamps are different, mainly including:
1, the corresponding standard of various types of explosion-proof:

2. Explosion proof type selection form for LED explosion-proof lamps in explosive dangerous places.

The applicability of the method of explosion protection to dangerous places:
Serial number / explosion-proof type /  code national standard / explosion protection measures / applicable area
1 flameproof explosion-proof lamp / D GB3836.2 / isolated ignition source / Zone1, Zone2
2 increasing safety explosion-proof lamp e GB3836.3 tries to prevent ignition source Zone1, Zone2
3 intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamp IA GB3836.4 limited ignition source energy Zone0-2
Intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamp IB GB3836.4 limits ignition energy Zone1, Zone2
4 positive pressure explosion-proof lamp P GB3836.5 dangerous substance separated from ignition source Zone1, Zone2
5 oil filled explosion-proof lamp o GB3836.6 dangerous material separated from ignition source Zone1, Zone2
6 sand filled explosion-proof lamp Q GB3836.7 dangerous material separated from ignition source Zone1, Zone2
7 no spark type explosion-proof lamp n GB3836.8 tries to prevent ignition source Zone2.
8 the m GB3836.9 is used to isolate the ignition source Zone1, Zone2.
9 airtight explosion-proof lamp h GB3836.10 isolated ignition source Zone1, Zone2

The explosion-proof symbol is dIIBT4, representing: the explosion-proof grade of the LED explosion-proof light is flameproof type. It is used in the IIB class of the II class, and the ignition temperature of the explosive gas is T4.



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