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How many watts of LED gas station lights will use generally

How many watts of led gas station lights can be enough bright and can save money? For many gas station explosion-proof lighting installation engineering, many people do not know how to choose, because the network also has a lot of unprofessional explanation, so let me write down the choice method.

First of all, we need to know a concept. It is wrong to fully see the watts, because the LED explosion-proof lights of each company have the same power but different brightness and light distribution angle. For example, most of lamps in the market is 90LM/W brightness, Bigoga Lighting company is generally 120-150LM/W, the same 100W lamps and lanterns, the market is the brightness of 90*100=9000LM, our company is the brightness of 120*100=12000LM, 12000LM is 30% higher than the brightness of 9000LM.

Secondly, do not choose the led canopy lights that will be sharp, such as the integration LED, a large and very bright LED, even though the brightness reaches, but does not apply to the gas station, the light will impact the car into the gas station. There are also a lot of SMD LED are dazzling the eye when look beside the lights, the light is not suitable for gas stations because the beam angle is not professional, will also affect the driver.

The above is from a professional point of view, but in reality, most people choose lamps according to the power. Let's take a conventional view. Gas stations are generally 6 meters high, smaller gas stations are 4 meters or 5 meters, a large number of gas stations are 7 meters or 8 meters, and special gas stations may be more than 8 meters or even 10 meters, special gas stations are difficult to see, ordinary gas stations will not do so high, so we choose the conventional gas station to select the power of the LED explosion proof lamp. 

The small gas station is 4-5 meters high, it is recommended to choose 100W LED explosion proof light.

The conventional gas station is about 6 meters high, it is recommended to choose the LED canopy lamp of 150W.

Large gas stations, about 8 meters in height, suggest that 200W lamps.

This is the conventional selection method. If the lamp installation density is high, the power can be reduced. If the requirement for brightness is very high, the power or quantity can be increased properly.

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