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Selection of LED Lights for Badminton Court

Which light fitting should be used for indoor badminton lighting? The lighting of the stadium is the most troublesome problem for changing the stadium lights. There are so many led high bay light factories on the market, all of them say their stadium lights are professional and light will not be glare. But after installation,  the whole light is too bright to open the eyes. Three months after the stadium installed the LED lamp, the customer complained was affected by the lighting.

In fact, the choice of high bay lights in the indoor badminton court is not particularly difficult, but it seems that no one has introduced how to choose, here, by the LED lighting manufacturer Bigoga lighting company simply explain how to make the choice.

First of all, badminton lights can not be dazzling, this is the most basic requirement. At present, the lighting is basically LED, and we consider it from the LED lamp. LED light is use LED chips to light, if the eye can see the LED chips directly, that will definitely glare, if the player sees the LED lights, it will appear in the eyes of a lot of white spots, affecting the sports. So the first choice for badminton lights is that you can't choose to see LED chips.

Secondly, we should consider the luminescent surface of the luminaire, the larger the luminescent surface of the badminton stadium lights that can not see the LED bulbs, the less dazzling.

Thirdly, the brightness of badminton court lights is enough. If the brightness of a lamp is high, the cost will be saved, and will be more economical.

Finally, we should consider other elements. The longer the life is, the less the maintenance cost. It’s better the light decay is low, under normal circumstances, the optical attenuation of LED is less than 5% in three years. If it exceeds 5%, do not choose it because it will be darker soon.

The following LED badminton stadium lamp is developed by Bigoga lighting company, can not see the LED chips, the luminous surface is large, the brightness is high, all the other parameters are very good, can be referred.

Lamp name: LED High Bay Light
Model: BGG-HBF
Input voltage: AC120~277V
Power frequency: 50~60Hz
Lighting power: 100W, 140W, 200W, 240W, 300W
Light source: SMD LED
Luminous efficiency: 125lm/W
Color temperature: 3500K/4000K/5000K
Power supply: IP67 waterproof driver
Power factor(PF): >95%
Color rendering index(CRI): Ra>70
Beam angle: 110° 
Housing material: aluminum+PMMA
Dimmable: 0-10V dimming
Motion sensor: optional
Protect standard: IP54
Lightning protection: 6KV
Body size: 625x243x75.3mm(100W, 140W), 625x390x75.3mm(200W,240W), 825x390x75.3mm(300W)
Lifespan: 60000H
Warranty: 5 years

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