The conception of canopy lighting

Gas station canopy lighting require high quality lighting and natural color, to ensure the driver enters the gas station to see the required oil information, to avoid obstacles, to secure access.

Through the study of consumer psychology and consumer trends, combined with the requirements for oil station image, adopt innovative canopy lighting concept: the three-dimensional (3D) lighting. With the traditional focus only on the ground of two-dimensional (2D) lighting, the core of three-dimensional (3D) is  lighting effectively to the oiling machine, car body side and other vertical operation places, not only make the space under canopy more bright, but also reflect the whole image of gas station from far distance.

Innovative 3D lighting concept
1, when the customer is close to the gas station, the lighting on two sides will project under the canopy, so outside tankers will more bright.

2, in the gas station area, there are more light to project on the tanker and the car body, tanker, car, people and pillars are clearly visible.

3, carefully designed lighting fixture, can effectively control the glare, when the drivers into the gas station, no glare, more safe, more comfortable.

Comparison between two dimensional illumination and three dimensional illumination

Advantages of three dimensional illumination:

1, glare lower, more secure, more comfortable.

2, good vertical illumination can clearly observe the tanker, car and people.

3, easy, beautiful, attractive.


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