The principle of gas station lighting

Gas station lights for petrol station lighting design can be divided into the following areas:

1, canopy lighting

2, convenience store lighting

3, auxiliary area lighting. Including clothing, steam tank area and auxiliary station etc..

4, logo lighting. Including logo pole, oil lighting box, etc..

5, outdoor lighting. Including the entrance road lighting, etc..

Gas station lighting design follow the following principles:

1, the principle of people-oriented. All customers and employees as the starting point, from a far distance to attract customers enter the gas station convenience store to shopping, make the gas station lighting meet customer needs on lighting function and feelings. At the same time, good lighting can also improve the working efficiency of the staff to ensure the comfortable of the working environment.

2, the principle of saving energy and reducing consumption. Energy saving as the center, from the concept of lighting methods, equipment selection to the daily operation, can reflect the principle of energy saving. Special note: in the aspect of controlling the light splitter, to follow the principle of "energy saving", and "according to local conditions" to set a reasonable layout.

3, the principle of the lowest cost. Overall the lowest cost of equipment initial investment, use and maintenance.

4, the principle of the functional lighting is center, supplemented by decorative lighting.

Bigoga Lighting focus on the development and production of gas station light, the company will update the gas station lighting technology and technology, is to enhance the market competitiveness of the gas station, through the enhancement of gas station design concept and design level, in order to make the gas station appearance and nearly reached the international advanced level, to enhance the brand image of the gas station, to improve the gas station in the domestic consumer's brand awareness and recognition.


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