The requirements of gas station lighting

The starting point of the gas station lighting is to create a good shopping environment, to provide better service for customers, when customers first see the gas station, the comfortable lighting effect is the first element to please customers.

Bigoga Lighting Limited cooperated with many gas station gas station engineering companies in different counties, based on the research of the customers' consumption psychology and consumption habits change trend, gas station should adopt innovative lighting concept, with a complete lighting solution, to better show the brand image to attract customers, improve the gas station market competitiveness.

According to the requirements of functional, psychological and operating costs, gas station lighting requires comprehensive consideration of the following five elements:
1, lighting effects
2, comfort
3, atmosphere
4, cost
5, maintenance

Firstly, the lighting effect. To measure the lighting parameters to ensure the overall lighting effects, including the following points:
1, the appropriate horizontal illumination and vertical illumination.
Good horizontal illumination can ensure traffic safety, and the proper vertical illumination for tankers and refueling vehicles, can ensure the correct refueling operation, while directly affect the customer's impression of the gas station.
Figure 1: the horizontal illumination of the ground and the vertical illumination is appropriate, which not only ensures the safety of driving, but also ensures the brightness of the operating site.

Figure 2: the horizontal illumination is too high, the roof is very bright, but the vertical illumination of the tanker is not prominent, the image of the gas station is not prominent.

2, no glare interference.
Figure 3: visual comfortable, no glare interference.

Figure 4: the lights are too harsh to produce glare, discomfortable, attention is also interferent by the light. That's why we don't suggest use COB led gas station lights, because the high power LED light source is too much shinning, it's not good to used in gas station.

3, pleasant color temperature and good color render.
4, comfortable brightness distribution, the correct direction of the cast light and perfect three-dimensional sense of the model.

Secondly, comfort and atmosphere. Create a comfortable environment with good lighting, create a good atmosphere and satisfy the customer's psychological needs:
1, the vehicle come in and go out without glare.
2, gas station activities clearly to visible.
3, easy to identify the location.
4, customers feel relaxed and comfortable.

Thirdly, cost and maintenance. Costs include initial investment and operating cost, requirements:
1, low energy consumption
.Using the best lighting design and efficient lighting equipment to meet the requirements of low energy consumption, reduce the initial investment and operating costs.
2, less maintenance.
Light source, electrical appliances and lamps choose a long life, in order to minimize the times of maintenance, spare parts easy to buy, easy to fast maintenance, suggest using modular LED gas station light.

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