LED Canopy Light

  • 120w led canopy light
  • 120w led canopy light
  • 120w led canopy light
  • 120w led canopy light
120w led canopy light120w led canopy light120w led canopy light120w led canopy light

120w led canopy light

  • Model: BGG-GSA90WR, BGG-GSA120WR
  • Lamp Power: 90W, 120W
  • Light Source: Osram 3030 SMD LED
  • Protect Standard: IP65 weatherproof rated
  • Product description: 120w led canopy light is standard modular led gas station lamp with high quality Osram LED and optical lens.
120w led canopy light specifications:
Lamp name: led gas station lights

Lighting power: 120W, 90W
Input voltage: AC85-265V/50`60Hz
Lighting source: Osram 3030 SMD LED chip
Luminous efficiency: 110LM/W
Driver mode: IC driver
Module: 3pcs
Installation: Recessed mounted
Housing material: Aluminium
Body size: 324*324*H55mm
Surface treatment: gray and white spray
Tri-proof standard: dustproof,shockproof,explosion-proof
Color temperature: warm white/ day light/ pure white
PF: >0.95
CRI: >85Ra
Protect standard: IP66 rated
Shockproof level: IK08 impact rating
Gross weight: 5kg
Lifespan: 50'000 H
Warranty: 3 years
Application: the gas station,petrol station,warehouse,bus station,railway stations,waiting areas,parks and other indoor and outdoor high demand lighting places.

120w led canopy light features:
(1)Instant start,no flashing.
(2)Solid State,shockproof.
(3)Save power more than 90% by ordinary lamp.
(4)Long time working, 24 hours/day is perfect, produce low heat.
(5)No RF Interference.
(6)No mercury or other hazardous materials, accord with RoHs.
(7)Working environment -20°C~45°C, suitable for unusual climate.
(8)Low maintenance cost.


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