LED Canopy Light

  • Surface mounted canopy light
Surface mounted canopy light

Surface mounted canopy light

  • Model: BGG-GSD120WC
  • Lamp Power: 120W
  • Light Source: Osram SMD 3030 LED
  • Protect Standard: IP65 weatherproof rated
  • Product description: Surface mounted canopy light 120w LED for gas station island lighting, energy saving and high brightness.
Surface Mounted Canopy Light Specifications
Lamp name: led gas station lights
Model: BGG-GSD120WC
Lighting power: 120W
Input voltage: AC85-265V/50`60Hz
Light source: Osram SMD 3030 LED
Luminous efficiency: 110LM/W
Housing material: Aluminium
Installation: Surface mounted
Body size: 345*345*H115mm
Surface treatment: gray and white spray
Tri-proof standard: dustproof,shockproof,explosion-proof
Color temperature: warm white/ day light/ pure white
PF: >0.95
Protect standard: IP66 rated
Shockproof level: IK08 impact rating
Lifespan: 50'000 H
Warranty: 3 years
Application: the oil station led lighting products are widely used in the gas station,petrol station, warehouse, bus station, railway stations, waiting areas, parks and other indoor and outdoor high demand lighting places.

Surface Mounted Canopy Light Features:
(1)Instant start,no flashing.
(2)Solid State,shockproof.
(3)Save power more than 90% by ordinary lamp.
(4)Long time working, 24 hours/day is perfect, produce low heat.
(5)No RF Interference.
(6)No mercury or other hazardous materials, accord with RoHs.
(7)Working environment -20°C~45°C, suitable for unusual climate.
(8)Low maintenance cost.


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